作为我们严格的学术课程的一部分, students must complete at least three AP (Advanced Placement) courses and a year-long research and writing course on a justice-related problem. Requiring these courses helps to ensure that our students are prepared and confident as they look forward to pursuing their academic goals in college.



AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college-level classes that students can take in high school. Students at Boston Trinity Academy must take at least three AP courses, 通常从大三开始, 为了毕业. These courses prepare students for the rigors of college coursework and demonstrate an ability to succeed at a collegiate level. 澳门所有电子游戏平台提供13门AP课程:

  • 美联社生物学
  • AP微积分AB
  • AP微积分BC
  • AP化学
  • AP计算机科学A
  • AP英语文学与写作
  • AP欧洲历史
  • AP环境科学
  • AP法语语言和文化
  • AP物理1
  • 美联社的微积分
  • AP西班牙语和文化
  • 据美联社统计
  • AP工作室艺术:绘画
  • AP工作室美术:2D设计
  • AP工作室艺术:3D设计



A Boston Trinity Academy 教育 culminates with Senior Honors 研讨会. This course requires students to spend the year researching a justice-related problem they choose themselves and analyzing it through two lenses: moral philosophy and Christian ethics. Seniors write a 25 page paper addressing the problem and at the end of the year present and defend their work before an invited panel of judges from the Boston academic and professional communities.


高级研讨会是一个大学级别的研讨会. This is not a research course for the sake of research, but rather a key opportunity in the school to allow our greatest ideas and deepest joys to meet the world’s greatest needs.